Our Security Systems

We treat all of your data with all reasonable care.

Your details are sent from your computer to our computers via a secure technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This is an industry-standard technology for transferring sensitive data in an encrypted form (your data is turned into a secret code). No unauthorised person can read this data.

This can be far more secure than paying by credit card over the phone or in a restaurant where the person taking your payment can see the card details.

SSL technology is controlled by a licencing authority. SSL certificates are only issued to Organizations that have satisfied the licencing authority that all the necessary steps have been taken to protect your details.

All your information is held on secure computers protected from unauthorised access. The servers are hidden from the internet by ‘firewalls’ (a security technology). The information is encrypted on the servers and access to those servers is restricted to authorised staff.

TrustWise Secure Site