There are no monthly fees and there is no need to register. Just dial in and you are ready to go! Ask your participants to dial 084 4545 1630 (5p/min) and enter the 6-digit room number of your choice and press #.

Free dial out to any two of your participants on UK landlines via our 087 access number.
Dial 087 1919 1630(10p/min) and follow the prompt.

Remember! You can use either access number to dial in to the same conference room.

Users Guide

To hold your conference call, simply follow these simple steps.
  1. Advise your conference call participants:

    • The number for dial in
    • Your 6 digit room number
    • The date and time of the conference call

  2. Making the call:

    • At the agreed date and time, dial the 08 number
    • You will be asked for your 6 digit room number and your name
    • If you are the first person to arrive on the conference call, you will hear music. As others arrive, you will hear their name being announced.
    • You can start talking when there are at least two people on the conference call.

  3. Ending the conference:
    When you have finished your conference call, simply hang up. You will hear names being announced when others exit the conference room. The conference call ends when the last person hangs up.

  4. To dial out to two UK landlines:

    • Dial the 0871 number followed by your room number
    • Press 1 to invite a participant into the conference or Press 2 to enter the conference
    • When you Press 1, you will be asked to enter your destination number followed by #. Upon connection, Press 1 again to accept the person into the conference call or Press 2 to disconnect them
    • When you Press 2, you will be asked for your pin and your name.