If you have a BT phone line then it's easy to join Equitalk and cut your BT bill. 

How does it work?
  • No codes to dial or boxes to plug in

  • 2 weeks to set up

  • Continue to pay BT for line rental

  • Keep your BT line and number (BT will fix faults)

  • Monthly itemised call statement

  • Payment by Direct Debit or credit card

Unlimited UK landline calls 8.95

Unlimited International calls 19.99

All Equitalk customers talk to each other for free, but if you need to call someone else, you can be sure you'll make great savings. To see a full price list, please click here.

UK Landline Savings Plans - Save up to 53%


FreeTime1 5p evening & weekend calls            5p
(90 mins)
(60 mins)

Daytime calls

2.90p per min 3.00p per min
FreeTime2 Unlimited* evening & weekend calls 3.55 3.95

Daytime calls

2.90p per min 3.00p per min
FreeTime3 Unlimited* calls at anytime 8.95 9.95

*Residential customers to numbers starting 01 and 02.  
FreeTime1 calls will be billed at 2.9p per minute after the first 90 minutes. 


BT prices correct at 15/11/06. Equitalk prices from 1/12/06. All prices inc VAT. Terms and conditions apply. Equitalk charges by the minute and there is a 3p setup charge per connected call (for chargeable minutes/calls). Equitalk rounds part minutes and part pence up to the next minute and penny. Equitalk Daytime rates apply Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm (BT: Mon-Fri 6am - 6pm). Equitalk Evening rates apply Mon-Fri before 8am & after 6pm (BT: Mon-Fri before 6am & after 6pm). Weekend rates apply Midnight Fri Midnight Sun.