Prices, Savings Plans & Free Calls

  • There is no catch to our service - you really can call all other Equitalk home phone customers for free.

  • All prices are shown on our web site and we'll give you 15 days notice of any changes.

  • Savings Plans are payable monthly in advance (and are sold as whole month periods).

  • The Savings Plan and Free Calls to Other Customers are for calls made from your BT home phone number to other UK landlines (i.e. between numbers starting 01 and 02). Other calls, including Premium Rate, international, mobile and internet are excluded.

  • Free calls to other customers are available on our Equitalk Direct, UK HomeTime and UK AnyTime tariffs. (Customers on our original 1664 Tariff will need to upgrade for free to benefit).

Opening an Account

  • Anyone with a BT landline, email address and credit / debit card or Direct Debit can join.

  • It's free to join and you can cancel at any time with no penalty.

  • You can join on-line or call 0800 651 1010 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).

Making Calls

  • We'll arrange for all your calls to go through Equitalk automatically - this takes BT about 10 working days to set up and both Equitalk and BT will write to you confirming the exact switch on date.

  • Between joining, and your line being set up for your calls to go through Equitalk automatically, you have the option to start saving straight away by dialling the code 1664 in front of the number you are calling. There is no need to wait for any tones or messages and you will need to dial the number in full, including the area code e.g. 1664 01869 238095.

  • Once your line has been set up for automatic routing, there is no need for any codes, boxes or equipment.

Billing & Payment

  • Early each month we will email you a free, fully itemised statement for the previous month's calls.

  • If you chose to pay by credit / debit card, we will collect payment a few days later and if you chose to pay by Direct Debit, we will collect payment 10 working days later (around the 29th).

BT line & Services

  • You keep your BT line and number and continue to pay BT for line rental and they will fix any faults.

  • We recommend you contact BT to cancel any call packages you pay for.

  • Before joining, you will need to ensure that you have BT Standard Line rental and do not have BT Light User Scheme or outgoing calls barred.

  • You won't lose any of your existing services such as 1471, 1571, call divert, call waiting, reminder call, call sign, 3-way calling and ring back.


  • Equitalk has no effect on your existing internet arrangements.

  • Dial up Internet
    0845 Pay As You Go internet calls will go via Equitalk and be billed at our rates.
    0800 monthly payment internet access will go via Equitalk and will be free.

  • Broadband
    You can choose Equitalk broadband or broadband from another supplier.

On-Line Account

  • You are provided with a free on-line account for managing your services when you join Equitalk.

  • We will update your on-line account every day with the calls made in the previous day - all of the data may not be available from the phone networks by the following day but calls should appear within a couple of days.

  • The last 12 months of statements will be available in your on-line account for viewing and printing at any time.

If you have any further questions or joined before January 2004, please click on a link below :